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Discover a perfect shave....Naturally!

Get an incredable shave on your face, legs,underarms and bikini area.

The standard-Formula developed in 1987.

About Ultimate Shave

What to expect from Ultimate Shave

Both men and women have special needs when it comes to shaving.  For those who have sensitive skin, for sure.  That's why Ultimate Shave was developed. It is a natural oil that soothes the skin while properly softing hair and stubble. So, shaving is easy, safe and natural!

  • Helps eliminate:  Itch, Nicks, scrapes, razor burn, skin irritations.
  • Pre-condations skin for any hair removal method.
  • Ideal for shower and tub shaving.
  • Economical...a 1.25oz. bottle can provide shaves for up to one year.
  • Moisturizes and conditions skin.
  • Perfect for travel.

Our gurantee

Order the 1/3 oz. size bottle and use three times. If you don't feel your getting the best shaves you've ever had, let us know and we'll refund your $6.00, no questions asked.

How to use Ultimate Shave

  • Step 1- Wash or generously wet shaving area.
  • Step 2 Men:  Apply 3 trops to wet palms, rub palms together, message into area to be shaved.

             Women:  Message 4-8 drops into area to be shaved.

  • Step 3- Rinse razor often and keep area wet. Works great together with your regular foam if you wish to see where you are shaving.  Otherwise, just rub your hand over area shaved to see if you missed a spot.

  • For pre-electric shaving:  Apply 1 drop to dry palms and message into area to be shaved.

  • FOR DEPILATORY,  EPILATION OR WAXING METHODS:  Apply 1-3 drops as a protective barrier prior to regular hair removal process.  Wait 30 secods and use your preferred hair removal method.